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Sprint’s Unlimited Data Plans to Include LTE When it Becomes Available

a3ee7_sprint_logo.jpgTechHog is pointing to Sprint’s promotion of LTE and unlimited data for the LG Viper, which is destined to be Sprint’s first LTE-enabled phone. After this discovery, Sprint later confirmed with TechHog that LTE would be included in the network’s “Everywhere” unlimited plans.

This news follows last week’s report that Sprint’s deal with Apple will allow them to rollout an LTE iPhone when one becomes available. That said, Sprint is behind AT&T and Verizon in their rollout of LTE technology.

The reason this is worth reporting on an Apple-centric website, is the fact that it is a strong indicator that Apple will be rolling out an LTE iPhone this year. First, came the LTE iPad, which sets up the expectation of an LTE iPhone for consumers, and the carriers are getting in place to support such a device. Plus, I do not believe Apple would sign Sprint on as a carrier partner, if they did not like their technology roadmap. I suspect this is why T-Mobile USA still does not have the iPhone. Time will tell I suppose.

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