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Apple Has a Smaller iPad in their Labs

ipad_mini_mockup_iphone.jpgDan Benjamin and Daring Fireball’s John Gruber co-host The Talk Show, a tech podcast. Gruber, who is almost always well-informed, seemingly confirmed on air that a 7.85-inch iPad does exist in Apple’s labs. Gruber has received information from “numerous” people that Apple is “noodling with” this idea.

Gruber also offered some technical details, specifically, that the smaller iPad would have a 1024×768 display, which means there would require little to no extra work on the part of developers. It’s simply the original iPad’s screen resolution shrunk into a tighter area.

This device has thrown off signs of its development for a while now. Reports have been surfacing from Chinese manufacturers that the gears of production are beginning to turn. Again, just because this device exists in a lab, does not necessarily mean it will make it to market.

Of course, it has been reported many times that there are plenty of Apple prototypes that never make it to market, and that Jobs himself noted that he was often as proud of the products that they don’t release, as they are the ones they do release.

Personally, a smaller iPad does not appeal to me, but I can see the possible advantages others would see in it. What do you think of a smaller iPad? Leave a comment!

Image courtesy of MacRumors.


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  • Stephen May

    This is nothing new. Steve Jobs had samples made of a bunch of sizes before deciding on the current size. I have owned 3 ipads and see no need for a smaller one.

  • Anon

    I would buy an iPad mini the day it released. The iPad is way too big for me. The iPod is way too small. The 7″ iPad would be ideal.