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Favs for Mac Puts All of Your Favorites in One Place


Favs is an app I’ve been meaning to mention for a little while now. I spotted it a few months ago on Twitter when Federico Viticci of MacStories tweeted about it, and the app struck me because a developer friend and I were playing around with creating a very similarly styled iOS app lastin 2011. Favs is a lot more Tweetie-like than I had envisioned, but if you’re the kind of person who has their presence spread out over a multitude of social networks and online services, then this app can serve a great kind of content de-clutterer.

Not everything on your Facebook Timeline, Twitter stream, or Google Reader feeds is gold, but the stuff that you take the time to star/like/favourite obviously means something to you. Favs then is the app that takes all of the stuff you care about, across all sorts of social networks, and puts it all in one place. This could be a killer tool for web writers who regularly like to backlog great content to post on, but it’s also great for keeping reliable and accessible bookmarks of the online stuff you love.

Favs is available for $10 on the Mac App Store, but there’s also a free trial on the app website.

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