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Quick Look: Drafts for iPhone

Drafts for iPhone

Drafts is one of the simplest and fastest note apps out there, and Ben Brooks' comparison of Drafts to Post-It notes is probably one of the best I've seen thus far. One of the most interesting things about Drafts is that its default behaviour is to display a blank note, so your list of notes is actually secondary. This app excels at quickly taking down information for processing later on down the line.

That's a pretty simple premise, but what makes this app so useful to me is that it's actually very, very good at processing text. You can render Markdown previews, copy Markdown to your clipboard as HTML (which is kickass for bloggers), email text, or tweet from right inside the app. So Drafts is currently fulfilling several functions for me:

  • Markdown checker
  • draft storage for tweets (I'm loving the built-in character count)
  • Markdown-to-HTML exporting

The only requests I have for now are just extra little bits for the app. I'd like to be able to send notes straight to Evernote (though email works fine for this), and I'd also like to be able to hide text options that I don't use (I'm not likely to send text to Tweetbot). However, these really are just wishes, as I find Drafts amazingly useful in its current iteration.

Drafts has taken the place of Byword and Notesy on my iPhone, and I'm even trying to use it on the iPad, despite the fact that it's not a universal app (hint hint). I used a promo code to check Drafts out, but I'd gladly have purchased it for $0.99, and I'd recommend it to anyone who finds themselves jotting down little notes on the iPhone. You'll buy Drafts for quick little scribbles, but you'll likely end up using it for a lot more.



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