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Supplies Running Short on 15-Inch MacBook Pros, Ivy Bridge to Bring Significant Improvements

Pro.pngRumors are beginning to swirl around the next-generation of MacBook Pros. Some reports even claim that Apple will be making the transition over to a more MacBook Air-like form factor. In the more immediate future, some third-party retailers are reportedly running out of supplies of 15-inch MacBook Pros. This is usually a sign that a refresh is on the way.

On the flip side, Intel is set to release it’s new Ivy Bridge processors suitable for the MacBook Pro on April 29th. In short, the new processors, when compared to the current Sandy Bridge processors currently used in the MacBook Pro line, appear to be a significant improvement. Here’s what MacRumors has to say on the matter:

For benchmarking comparisons, the new Ivy Bridge Core i7-3820QM chip was pitted against a Sandy Bridge Core i7-2960XM, which is an even higher-performance “Extreme” chip than is available in the current MacBook Pro. Consequently, any performance increase between the current high-end MacBook Pro chip and this new Ivy Bridge chip would be even greater than outlined in the benchmarking comparison.

So expect new 15-inch MacBook Pros soon, and they will be nice and fast. It remains to be seen if they will be redesigned however. That’s the big question at the moment.

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