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Apple Pushing for iCloud Upgrades with Free Copies of Snow Leopard for MobileMe Users

Macgasm is reporting that Apple is in the process of notifying some MobileMe users of a new initiative wherein they can receive a free copy of OS X Snow Leopard. This program is aimed at users running older versions of Mac OS X, and will allow them to upgrade to Lion, which fully utilizes iCloud, at a reduced cost.


OS X Lion is primarily distributed through the Mac App Store, and users need at least Snow Leopard installed in order to access the Mac App Store. Before this program was initiated, someone wishing to upgrade from say, Leopard, would have to buy and install Snow Leopard for $29, and then buy, download, and install Lion from the Mac App store for $29.99. This is a relatively expensive upgrade path just to switch from MobileMe to iCloud.

It’s worth remembering that MobileMe is set to shut down on June 30th, over a year from the time that iCloud was introduced. Additionally, Snow Leopard remains on sale in Apple’s online store for $29. This suggests that Apple is only offering this program to MobileMe subscribers, and not to the general public.

Apple certainly needed to do something for the handful of devoted MobileMe subscribers. That service was so bad, they shouldn’t have charged for it.

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  • Paul Y. H. Cheng

    This is certainly an unfair trading. End users of older version of OX and Mobile Me have no idea what time Apple will terminate older version of OX and Mobile Me or Lion. Upgrade should not be charged within 5 years of purchase date or Apple should keep on support their sold products for 5 years.

    Best regards,


  • bart stolp

    I own three Mac products and feel deceived to buy software when this is simply an update and a forced change from Mobile Me to ICloud.Shame on you – not a loyalty booster for your customers .