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iPhone 4S Passes Field Test As My Main Camera

I’ve got a number of surprisingly good shots from my recent trip to New York, and they were all taken on the iPhone 4S (and subsequently edited in iPhoto, my current photo app of choice. I had also brought along a Nikon D40 to snap shots while out and about, but I really only used it once during my four-day stay in NYC. The iPhone 4S was my main camera for the trip, and it did its job beautifully.

The 4S is always there in my pocket when I need it, whereas the 40D has to hang around my neck, or sit in my bag. I also found that, for the type of moments I wanted to capture, the 4S really was a more suitable device for the task. I wasn’t really in the mood to try and frame many shots of architecture or capture the scope of New York City – I just wanted to be able to save all of the stupid faces we made and the food that we ate. Most of my photos favour people over places, and the 4S is simply the best device I own for recording a moment without removing myself from it.

It was a dream come true to really have a great camera built right into my smartphone. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve taken pictures on the 4S before – plenty of them, in fact – but I was just stunned by the quality of the shots from this trip. I’ve owned a Sony Ericsson k750 and an iPhone 3GS, and neither of them could come close to the quality of the 4S’ pictures from this trip. The 4S really is the first cameraphone that I haven’t been embarrassed to use in public, because the resulting pictures have proven themselves to be more than just “good for a smartphone”. The shots from my 4S are often “good”. Period.

I also found it interesting that I stuck to the default Camera app instead of using something fancier, like Camera+. Camera+ is quick to launch, but because it isn’t compatible with the new unlock slider in iOS 5.1, I never used it.

I’ve already sold my old Canon PowerShot, and although I still need the D40 for instances where I require a bit more photographic muscle (e.g. low light shots, product shots), I feel confident enough in the quality of the 4S to make it my main camera.

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