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Dropbox Makes Sharing Public Links Easier

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I won’t say that you should dump your USB thumb drive for Dropbox, but I will tell you that Dropbox could replace a lot of its functionality for you. I’ll tell you that keeping current drafts and pictures you’ve wanted to share inside of Dropbox is a great way of actually having them on hand when you need them, instead of slapping palm against forehead when you realize “I left my USB at home!”. On the other hand (the one you don’t use for slapping), if you’re already a user of Dropbox, then I apologize for preaching to the choir. However, I’ve still got something to tell you.

Dropbox is implementing a change in the way it provides links. It used to be that you had to put files into your “Public” folder (or use the iOS app) to share a public link with others, but according to the latest Dropbox Blog post, links to files in any folders can now be generated from the desktop or browser. The change should roll out today, but it might take a little while to trickle down to your account.

This makes Dropbox an even more useful USB stick replacement, as all you’ll need to do from now on is make sure a given file is in your Dropbox. No need to worry about the Public folder. As long as the file you need has been uploaded, you can log onto the Dropbox website from any Internet-connected computer and send a link to the file via e-mail or instant message, or simply download said file to the computer you’re using. A plain old USB key is still more secure because there’s really only one local copy of a given file, but it’s hard to deny the incredible added convenience in this latest change to Dropbox. I still stand by the service as my 2011 pick of the year.

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