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Crazy Apple Numbers & Maybe a Little Hint from Tim Cook

Crazy Apple Numbers

Apple’s Q2 2012 financial results announced yesterday were as impressive as we’ve come to expect, and then some. Here are just a few of the incredible numbers reported by Apple and others like 9to5Mac:

$110 billion in cash reserves

600,000 iOS apps (200,000 iPad apps)

365 million iOS devices sold (ever, not last quarter of course)

125 million iCloud users already

67 million iPads sold in 2 years. It took 24 years to sell as many Macs, 5 years for that many iPod sales, and 3 years for that many iPhone sales. Amazing.

And here’s a quote from Tim Cook in Apple’s press release on the latest results that I think is very interesting:

“The new iPad is off to a great start, and across the year you’re going to see a lot more of the kind of innovation that only Apple can deliver.”

That lot more of innovation that we’ll see across the year could be just about anything of course – but I think it’s quite interesting that it’s phrased that way in a sentence about the new iPad. I wonder whether maybe, just maybe, that’s a tiny little hint about an extension of the iPad line. Maybe the white whale-like iPad Mini that’s been so often rumored over the last year or so. Or maybe it’s some other innovative new product from Apple – either way we’ll enjoy covering it here.

What do you all think? Maybe a hint of a hint in that quote?

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  • Fede

    Im telling you guys, the iPad Mini its true