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Attention: EA SUCKS. (UPDATED)

There’s a reason EA won The Consumerist’s Worst Company in America Award – And here it is:

Yup. Not only did EA give you the honor of spending ($4.99 or higher) on Rock Band for your iPhone, but now as of May 31st, you’re not going to be given the privilege of playing it anymore. To be sure, this isn’t a technical issue either. Rock Band itself is playable offline, so there’s nothing preventing EA from letting the game rock on from that aspect. Sure they’re planning to shutdown the content servers, but if the game stays playable offline why kill if for everyone who already has the content? My feeling is they just flat out decided the time has come to take back their license. Remember – you’re only buying a license to the game, not ownership. I can respect the need to expire content and not host servers for ages – but this app has only been out for 2 years and this sets a horrible precedent for how long a purchased license remains valid.

Oh, and even better – they’ve left Rock Band on the App Store (without any disclaimer of the shutdown), so you can still go buy the game today. You just can’t play it any more come the 31st.

So guess what EA? I’m revoking my “I’ll purchase from you license”.

via Consumerist

UPDATE: According to commenter JR and the Verge – this may all be a misunderstanding. But based upon what I’ve been reading (comments on the Verge / Reddit / interwebz) this seems more like damage control. Anyway, I’m sticking with my EA sucks opinion and I firmly believe they’re simply responding to the backlash with a steady backpedal and spin maneuver.

Rock Band for iOS will remain live – the in-app message users received yesterday was sent in error,” the company said in a statement.

“We apologize for the confusion this caused. We’re working to clarify the issue that caused the error and will share additional information as soon as possible.”

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  • DoubleAron

    Yep *greedy* and cares nothing for it’s customers.

    • uri

      I Fk-n hate EA there sports games are mediocre at best and any game they get there grubby hands on is half ass and buggy. SWTOR….ME:3…. TWS those are just recent names that come to mind. If theres a EA mark on anything anymore i just flat out don’t buy it until reading actual user reviews which have ALWAYS been negative and bad about games they have there freaking hands in seriously.

      E.A.A.R.E. to keep kids of EA games.
      (Electronic Arts Abuse Resistance Education)

  • I bet there’s a lot more here, having to do with Apple and the issues between developer accounts.

    I’d do a bit more reporting.

    • Brandon

      I have no doubt there’s more to the story – but Apple is notorious for not saying anything about anything – and frankly so is EA. Eventually more will come of this I’m sure, but for now what you see in the post is what there is to know.

  • jhrogersii

    I have to wonder if this is a music licensing issue. Music games like guitar hero and rock band have fallen out of favor, and I believe both series have been put on hiatus. This makes me wonder if EA. is not only pulling the app from the App Store, but killing it completely, because they don’t want to keep up licenses for the music in the game.

    Trust me, I’m not trying to make any excuses for EA. I’m not a big fan of theirs either, due to their lazy, cash in development practices. However, I have a couple of sports games that they pulled from the App Store at the end of a season, so that users will buy next year’s version when it comes out. However, despite pulling them from the store, they have never completely killed one before. That leads me to believe that there might be something different going on here. However, if this is EA’s new corporate policy for mobile apps, then it’s absolutely despicable.

  • JR

    I gave up on EA about 2 years ago. This is just one more reason after the fact that I am right to not buy EA games any longer.

  • JR

    According to this, it’s all a big mistake:

    • Brandon

      Updated the post – thanks for the link. I’m personally not buying that it was a “mistake”, but it’ll be interesting to see what EA comes up with for an excuse, sorry reason.

      • JR

        I’m right there with you. And, this does nothing to change my opinion of EA.

  • EA permabanned me from playing all the games I have purchased on my account for saying the f word in a Battlefield forum… Have any of you heard the in game scripting in Battlefield 3?? What a joke, they took away hundreds of dollars worth of games from me because of some butthurt admin.

  • Douche