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Liquidmetal Alloys Not Coming to Apple Products Anytime Soon

liquidmetal_alloy.jpgThere are a lot of people speculating, if not outright guessing, that the next-generation iPhone will see a design overhaul. This very well might be the case, but the material used for this new design is also, of course, unknown.

At this time, it’s worth noting that Apple gained exclusive rights to Liquidmetal Technologies’ amorphous metal alloys for use in consumer electronics back in 2010. This alloy showed up in use with the iPhone 3G SIM removal tool.

A interview from Business Insider, with Atakan Peker, an investor at Liquidmetal, holds a statement wherein Peker claims that Apple will likely not be able to use the alloys as a major component of their products for at least two to four years.

This isn’t to say that Apple won’t have a use for the alloy, on a smaller scale, before that time, but manufacturing at any large scale that might be needed to make, say, product cases, will not be feasable for some time.

It is worth pointing out that Peker does not have access to any of Apple’s plans, but does expect the company to use the alloy in a big way in future products. The alloy stands out in it’s strength and durability, while also having the capability of being molded into complex shapes. This could lead to some interesting innovations in the future.

So the take away here is that Apple will very likely use this metal alloy in the future, and in a really big way. It just seems that it will be a few years before that happens. We’ll see in due time I suppose.

Image courtesy of Liquidmetal Technologies.

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