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Joy of Tech Offers Perfect Wake-up Call for RIM


Brilliant stuff as ever from Joy of Tech. This one is particularly spot-on given that we found out earlier this week that RIM, makers of Blackberry products, were behind the ridiculous and embarrassing ‘Wake Up’ marketing stunt outside an Apple Store in Australia.

I agree with Joshua Schnell’s take on all of this at Macgasm recently:

Given the results of the latest Good Technology survey, and the fact that iOS devices ruled the top 6 of 10 spots for device activations in the enterprise (the remaining four were Android devices), something tells us RIM has absolutely no clue what it means to “be in business” these days. In fact, at this point, we’d probably argue that companies would be more successful listening to what RIM has to say and then doing the complete opposite.

Check out the clever cartoon at Joy of Tech: http://www.geekculture.com/joyoftech/joyarchives/1685.html

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