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Penultimate Just Became a Must-have App

Penultimate and Evernote

Penultimate, one of the most popular handwriting apps for the iPad, has become part of the Evernote family – as in, Evernote has acquired the company that makes Penultimate.

Cocoa Box’s Penultimate, the beautifully simple handwriting app for iPad, has been one of our favorites pretty much since it came out two years ago, so we’re very thrilled to announce that we’ve acquired the company and that Penultimate is now part of the Evernote family!

This looks like very good news for users of Penultimate and Evernote as well as for anyone looking around for a great notes and / or handwriting app for iOS. I especially like seeing this section of the Evernote announcement:

Penultimate creator, Ben Zotto, is joining Evernote to head up future app development. Penultimate will stay a separate, elegant application and will get many much-requested Evernote-y improvements including full search and synchronization. Ben will also lead the effort to put handwriting and digital ink functionality into other Evernote products and platforms, so you’ll see handwriting cross-pollination popping up everywhere.

Again, this sounds like great news for both of the existing apps – and also suggests that we may well see some exciting new apps come out of this acquisition.

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  • jhrogersii

    I’m really glad to see this. I love Evernote and use it every day, but I’m sick of them, as good as they are at everything else, dragging their feet on ink support for iOS. Buying Skitch last year, and allowing you to import from other sources doesn’t quite cut it. 

    They have always said in their podcasts that, since iOS doesn’t natively support rich text and ink editing (it’s web kit only for native editing), they wouldn’t implement their own solution. I guess they got tired of being the only ones who couldn’t or wouldn’t, because many developers have cracked this nut over the last two years. Now that they own Penultimate’s notetaking code, I hope they will implement that part of the app directly into Evernote for the iPad. 

    It would probably be smart on Evernote’s part to keep Penultimate alive as a stand-alone app, as well, but I just hope they don’t go the cheap route like they did with Skitch, and make you export from one to other. Only time will tell. I know one thing. I will be downloading Penultimate today, regardless. 

    • I have similar hopes to you James.