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FastEver for iPhone


Evernote is great for storing memories, but it can be a little slow when it comes to capturing them. As such, I’ve taken to using quick-entry apps, like Drafts, for storing my ideas as they pop up. This lowers the number of ideas that simply get lost and then send them to Evernote for more permanent storage.


However, thanks to a post on The Brooks Review, I now know of an even more direct method for quickly capturing and sending text notes to Evernote. Fastever is a $0.99 iPhone app that loads up, prompts you for text, and then sends it all to Evernote with one tap of the save button. If you’re offline when you try to save, the app will simply queue the post up for uploading next time there’s a connection. You can also specify the tags and the notebook for a given note, and the text that you input will stay saved until you export it to Evernote or manually clear the screen.


The only thing that’s really keeping me from using the app full time? The icon. It features a charging green elephant, and that just feels too cartoony for my liking. I hope Evernote is keeping watch, though: this type of quick-input interface is something that would really bolster the utility of the main iOS app.


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