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Notes and Reminders On Their Way to iCloud.com with iOS 6


Apple is testing out a new version of iCloud.com at beta.iCloud.com, wherein Notes and Reminders are added to the existing Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Find My iPhone, and iWork web app icons.

Accessing this new beta portal has been spotty at best. Most of the time, images are broken, or the user is redirected to Apple’s standard iCloud information page. Remember, this follows Apple’s testing of of Notification Center updates on the iCloud.com webpage. I suspect Apple will open full beta access to the updated iCloud.com at WWDC.

All of this points to Apple making significant upgrades to the iCloud.com experience, which can’t be a bad thing. But, let’s be honest, nothing could be as bad as MobileMe ever was. It’s probably a good thing Apple is at least changing something to keep iCloud.com fresh.

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