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Diablo III: Now Available for Mac OS X

Diablo III – the latest, clickiest demon-slaying action RPG from Blizzard – launched earlier today at 3 AM EST and is available for the Mac. The release of D3 basically spells the end of the world for everyone’s free time, and the fact that a single $60 license works on both Macs and PCs means that it’s going to terribly difficult to not play this bloody game anywhere you own a computer.

I tested D3 out on my 2009 13″ MacBook Pro (using the latest version of Lion OS X) earlier this morning and found my three-year old machine to be a little lacking. Two-player co-op over Battle.net was chugging along at around 10-15 FPS on the lowest playable resolution and with most of my 8 GB of RAM cleared. Frankly, this was all to be expected considering the game’s minimum specifications, but your experience should be a lot more favourable if you’ve got a more powerful i5 or i7 CPU and a dedicated GPU (present in 15-and-17″ MacBooks).

iOS gaming has been doing pretty well for itself and Mac App Store and Valve’s Steam have helped bring more mainstream titles to OS X over the past few months, but it has taken a triple-A title like Diablo III hitting the Mac on the same day as the PC versions for me to really get excited about the prospect of Mac gaming again.

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