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More Claims of a 4-Inch iPhone Display


There are mounting claims that the next-generation iPhone will have a 4-inch display, as compared to the 3.5-inch display we’ve all come to know and love. In fact, big names in news are now weighing in on the matter, starting with The Wall Street Journal, who claims that Apple is placing orders for screens measuring “at least 4 inches diagonally.”

The report further claims that Apple will be partnering with LG, Sharp, and Japan Display (merged corporation of Sony, Hitachi, and Toshiba) for their manufacturing needs for the new display. With these details in place, others seem to be missing. Most significantly, the report makes no mention of the aspect ratio this new display might have. There is speculation as to whether the new display will maintain the same aspect ratio, or if Apple will simply add length to the display.

Reuters also threw their two cents into the mix with a report of their own. Their report claims that the new screen will measure 4-inches diagonally, as compared to the Wall Street Journal’s “at least 4-inches.”

The fine folks over at iMore took these different points of speculation and made a series of mockups based on how Apple might implement a 4-inch screen. They have done the math and worked out the scenarios of how Apple may make a bigger screen work. It’s a very well though-out look at what we might see introduced with the next-generation iPhone.

Now for my thoughts. I certainly believe Apple is looking into the idea of a 4-inch iPhone. Much the same way Apple is looking into a 7-inch iPad. That said, these products may never make their way to market. Yes, there are claims that Jobs “worked closely” on the design of a larger iPhone. I’m sure he did, and I’m also sure he worked closely on other designs that never made it to market.

In short, I do not doubt that a 4-inch iPhone may be on it’s way to market. But what I do know, is that there is no hardware or software evidence of a new screen has surfaced. Nothing substantial anyway. I believe, if a new screen is in the works, software evidence will be found in the new version of iOS, which will presumably be unveiled and distributed to developers at next month’s WWDC.

Image courtesy of iMore.com.

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