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Report Claims Microsoft Office for iOS, Android, to Arrive in November

MacLogo_1.jpgBGR is reporting that Microsoft plans to launch a version of their venerable Office productivity suite on iOS (and Android)this November. Their source claims that the software is running on an iPad, and has a splash screen referring to the software as “Office for iOS.” The source also claims that the software may also be coming to the iPhone and iPod touch as well.

Early on, after the iPad was first introduced, Microsoft claimed that they were looking into the possibility of bringing Office to the device. Later they said the company had no plans of doing such a thing. Then a pesky report from The Daily surfaced, claiming that Microsoft indeed was bringing Office to the iPad.

Microsoft immediately denied the claim, but The Daily continues to stand by the story. Microsoft later claimed that the situation would become “clear in the coming weeks”. Nothing ever came of that statement, and we’re all still in the dark.

Two different, repeatable media outlets have now claimed that Microsoft is looking into porting the software to mobile platforms. Personally, I think if Microsoft were to keep Office to themselves, and say, only Windows 8, they are missing an opportunity. After all, Office has happily existed on the Mac almost since the beginning, why wouldn’t Microsoft want to expand to other platforms, even if the platform isn’t their own.

In other words, if Microsoft is keeping it to themselves, and their own tablet platforms, they’re passing up a big pile of money.

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