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Newest iPhone Ads Star Siri and John Malkovich

Siri Joke Ad

The latest new iPhone ads have kept the focus on Siri and Siri helping out a celebrity. This week two new ones featuring Siri and John Malkovich have been getting a lot of airplay.

The two ads are titled Life and Joke. In the Life ad the interchange is heavy on how to approach living, Malkovich is said to be in a philosophical mood and Siri has some very useful and practical thoughts for him. I got far more basic answers when I just sighed  ‘life’ at her a few times – though this answer was interesting:

Siri on Life

I really like the Joke ad with Malkovich and this whole series of Siri + celebrity ads is growing on me. You can see all the latest iPhone ads at Apple’s page for them.

Are you enjoying these Siri + celebrity iPhone ads?

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