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Review: Satechi iBase Dock Station

I was excited for my Satechi iBase Dock to arrive.  Both my iPhone and iPad currently lay flat when they sleep (charge), but they definitely prefer to sleep standing up.  Although not revolutionary by any means, the iBase Dock offers some key functionality that many IOS users crave.

The packaging was simple enough and what you’d expect:  base station, power cord, instructions.  So to say the “setup” was a breeze would actually make it sound more difficult than it was.  The dock itself is layer out well.  My favorite part is a piece of plastic that acts as support for your iOS device.  This is especially helpful when you plop your iPad down as there’s no fear that it’s going anywhere.

There’s a button in the back that turns the speaker on and off.  The top has three buttons – volume up & down and a toggle for the LED light on the bottom that almost circles the entire device.  I say almost because the light isn’t perfect and is brighter in some spots than it is in others.  This was most likely a cost-savings decision, so you can’t fault them for that.  But it should be noted that, after first testing the light, I have yet to turn it back on.

As for the sound quality, it’s about what you would expect at this price point.  It’s absolutely comfortable enough for background music, but you’d never use it when hosting a dinner party.  And that’s fine.  My favorite use is with the superb official MLB app as it’s perfect for listening to game day audio while I work.  It also makes for a great alarm clock, especially when paired with an alarm clock app.

The build is OK.  Devices don’t sit perfectly still – the iPad in particular is a bit wobbly when you wiggle it off.  One annoying issue is that, unless you get a firm grip and lift your device straight off, the light will flicker on and off as the device will recognize each wiggle as connected and disconnected.  It’s a minor gripe, but still.

If you’re just looking for a charging stand and nothing else, there are cheaper options out there.  But if you’d like some more functionality for not much more money, you should give this a look.  You can buy it direct from Satechi, but you can save by going with Amazon and their free shipping.

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