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Apple Reportedly Working on a Point-and-Shoot Camera

Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 2.11.22 PM.pngSteve Jobs had stated, as noted in the Walter Isaacson biography, that he wanted to reinvent three industries, much the same way he had with PCs, music, and phones. Those three industries were: textbooks (Check*), television (Not so much. Yet.), and photography (Not a thing as of yet).

iLounge has since released a New iPad Buyers’ Guide, which outlines accessories, apps, and other things along those lines. Most interestingly, the guide has a two page spread suggesting that Apple may be working on a camera product. iLounge claims that an informed source is behind this speculation, though they felt they couldn’t make a solid report when they heard about it. Here’s the pertinent excerpt from the guide:

Take special note of pages 152 and 153—“Making the case for a standalone iSight Camera.” I’ll share more on this topic shortly, but for now, I’ll say that this two-page spread very nearly had a different title. We were tipped that this project is actually happening at Apple right now, but we didn’t feel confident enough in our source to call it a certainty; it’s therefore billed as speculation. Still, there’s enough smoke to make us think there’s a fire.

Now, iLounge seems pretty confident with the report, seeing as Editor in Chief Jeremy Horwitz posted a tweet doubling down.

So, as briefly noted on Backstage, Apple appears to be working on a standalone camera – the third of three industries Jobs wanted to change.

iLounge claims that Apple is likely to jump into this market due to the limitations of cameras in phones, as compared to power of a standalone camera. Besides, Apple could integrate hardware and software for the device to make it something a little bit different for the rest of us.

Apple is no stranger to camera technology. In the 90s, when Apple was struggling, the company partnered with Kodak to create the QuickTake line of digital cameras. When Jobs returned in 1997, he killed the product line. Then over the years, Apple iterated on their line of iSight webcam technology. Then of course, several of their media devices, namely the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch are equipped with a camera.

This report doesn’t smell right. They claim that Apple will conquer the camera, they are first going to release the television set they are rumored to be working on. So, this report has piled a rumor on top of a rumor. That dimities credibility. Also, Apple has expressed no interest, and there has been any evidence of work on such a device.

Lastly, the point-and-shoot market is drying up. Phones with cameras on them, have but a severe dent in sales. Apple surely knows this, and knows that the iPhone was a catalyst for this shift. Why would they introduce a product, which would be something else you would carry around, and fight against the market’s current. It makes no sense to me. But, Apple has pulled a rabbit out of a hat before.

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