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Facebook Integration Reportedly Coming to iOS 6

FB-Logo1.jpgTechCrunch is reporting that Facebook will be integrated into iOS 6 at the system level much the same way Twitter was integrated into iOS 5. This follows Apple CEO Tim Cook’s “stay tuned” comment regarding forthcoming news regarding Facebook and Apple.

The report goes on to note that Apple and Facebook are still ironing out how the sharing of items to Facebook will be integrated, seeing as there are several levels of permissions attached to Facebook posts. Furthermore, the report issues a copout by stating that Apple has been known to make changes at the last minute, but as things stand right now, Facebook will be baked into iOS 6.

This doesn’t sound at all unreasonable to me. Cook seemed pretty happy with Facebook in his recent interview with AllThingsD. Plus, Twitter, the other co-orbiting social media star, was integrated into iOS 5 last year. Many of us, including myself, wondered why Facebook wasn’t also integrated. It seemed that it was a licensing issue and not merely a technical, or implementation issues.

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