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Part Numbers Surface, Suggest More Than a Dozen New Macs Coming Soon

Wwdc 2012 part numbers

AppleInsider has posted a list of 27 part numbers which are reportedly on their way to Australia. Thirteen of the numbers are “standalone kits”, which likely indicates accessories. That means there may be as many as 14 Mac models on tap for launch.

From there MacRumors makes some educated guesses as to what products these part numbers correlate to. So, let’s dig in. The first number, MC414 described as “K31 Best” with a price under AU$1000, appears to be a new Time Capsule base station.

Two numbers with “D2” with price tags at AU$2000 and AU$3000 likely represent new 15-inch MacBook Pro models. Current 15-inch models cost AU$2099 and AU$2499. This price hike, at least on the higher-end model, may indicate the inclusion of solid state drives. These numbers are matched to the 15-inch MacBook Pros merely because their prices match existing 15-inch models closer than they do any other products.

The next two numbers, J11 and J13 may be tied to new MacBook Air models. It seems that the pricing will start above AU$1000, which falls in line with the AU$1099 for the entry-level 11-inch MacBook Air.

The J30 and J31 numbers likely represent new iMacs with three of the models being  priced between AU$1000 to AU $1999, and the top model at $2000. Current iMac model fall in this range at AU$1399 and AU$1698 for the 21.5-inch variety, and AU$1949 and AU$2299 for the 27-inch models.

The Mac Pro part numbers that were outlined yesterday, also make an appearance on this list, lending credibility to the report. There are also 12 accessory part numbers, one of which comes with an engraving option. It remains to be seen what those accessories might be.

One item that seemed to be absent from the list is the 13-inch MacBook Pro, although it could be folded into the J11 numbers.

As a disclaimer, MacRumors notes that their guesses are merely speculation based on current pricing structures amongst Apple’s current products. So, readers shouldn’t read too heavily into these educated guesses.

So, it seems pretty reasonable at this juncture, to wager that Apple will be updating all of their Mac products. The one we’ve heard the least about, is the Mac mini, but I would think that Apple would update it as well. You know. While they’re at it.

Image courtesy of AppleInsider.

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