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Facebook Integration Coming to iOS 6

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Today, as one of the major new features coming in iOS 6, Apple announced that Facebook would be integrated, system wide, into the latest version of their mobile OS due for release later this fall.

Facebook functionality looks very similar to the Twitter functionality that has been baked into iOS 5 since the beginning. However, there have been some changes. Both status posts and tweets are now built into Notification Center.

One interesting bit is the fact that Facebook support will have a public API, which will make it easier for third-party developers to include Facebook functionality in their apps. Facebook’s influence will also be making it’s way into the App Store in iOS 6, with the ability to “Like” apps and the ability to see what apps, music, TV, and movies your friends are liking as well. Contacts and events shared by friends on Facebook will automatically show up in iOS’s Contacts and Calendar apps (by extension, I would suspect that iCloud would then send this data to all of your iCloud machines). 

Lastly, and what I find the most interesting, Facebook will have Siri support. This means you can just talk to post to Facebook. This is one of those things, we all kinda knew Apple would open up as time moved forward, but is still a nifty, if not welcome, surprise.

Regardless as to whether you love or hate Facebook as a service, or as a company, it seems that they are here to stay, and it appears that Apple understands this. That’s why Twitter and Facebook functionality is being baked into the latest versions of both iOS and OS X. Personally, as someone who has spent his formative years bathing in these services, I find it a welcome addition.

What do you think about Facebook being built right into iOS and OS X? Leave a comment and let us know!

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