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Where to Follow Today’s WWDC Keynote Event

WWDC gdgt live

Applle’s WWDC 2012 Keynote event is set to kick off in less than an hour, and this year’s keynote looks to be full of exciting news – on iOS 6, on OS X Mountain Lion, on new Macs, and perhaps on some other brand new items.

It doesn’t look like Apple will be live streaming the event so we’ll be following along with events via some of the top liveblogs. Here are a few of my favorites:

gdgt: Ryan Block always offers sharp and rapid-fire analysis at these events.

Engadget: These guys always offer excellent live coverage as well.

MacRumors Live: Another perennial favorite for sharp coverage of these Apple events.

There are plenty of others too, but I’ll start with those three. Several of us from iSource will be following the event closely and we’ll be publishing news post and our thoughts on the keynote throughout the day. Stay tuned for a fun day …

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