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WWDC 2012 Keynote – Crazy Apple Numbers and One That’s Most Impressive

Mac Installed Base

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One thing we’re always treated to at major Apple events is a barrage of the latest impressive numbers for Apple products. Today’s WWDC 2012 keynote event was no exception.

Here are a few of the crazy Apple numbers that caught my eye at today’s event:

— As shown above, the numbers for the installed base of Mac computers are on quite a nice growth curve, during a period that’s been far from great for the PC industry in general.

— The App Store continues to go bananas. There are now over 400 million accounts on the App Store, and as Apple noted 400 million credit cards linked to them. There are 650,000 apps on the App Store and over 225,000 specifically designed for the iPad. There have been a staggering 30 billion app downloads.

— iCloud has taken off like a rocket’and already has over 125 million users.

Here’s the one number that I found most impressive of all, from Scott Forstall’s iOS-focused section of the event, emphasis below is mine:

“I find it incredible that through the end of March we’ve sold more than 365 million iOS devices. And more than 80% of our customers are running the very latest version of iOS, version 5.

That’s a stunningly good number, which is only reinforced by Forstall’s next line:

Now if you compare that to the competition … They released their latest, 4.0, about the same time we released iOS 5. And about 7% of their customers are running the latest version.

I can’t think of a more instant, striking comparison that sums up one of the key difference between the two platforms than that 80% to 7%. If you wanted to explain what Android fragmentation means to someone, I don’t think you’d need to go much farther than quoting those numbers.

One more number that I haven’t yet seen but we usually get within a few days of these events is the total number of times Apple speakers used words like amazing, incredible, awesome, excellent and best ever during the keynote. Anyone got any good guesses?

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