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Apple Seeds: The Long Wait for the new MacBook Pro, Benchmarks for new MacBooks, More

Apple Seeds is iSource’s daily roundup of Apple-related stories for the most diehard of fans, or for the news junkie that has to have all of the day’s news:

Retina MacBook Pro Shipments Begin to Slip to 3-4 Weeks

It seems that Apple didn’t make enough in the first run, or the demand is surprisingly high for a $2200 machine. Either way, shipping estimates are now sitting around 3-4 weeks. [Read More]

Apple Posts New MacBook Pro Retina Commercial

Apple has launched a TV ad for the new (Retina) MacBook Pro. As to be expected, it’s a classy ad. [Watch It Here]

Benchmarks for New MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs

Primate Labs has compiled some of the data from Geekbench 2 showing the performance increases of the new MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs. Seems like a reasonable processor bumps for the new machines. [Read More]

New Features from iOS 6 May or May Not Work on Your Device

It seems that some of the new features in iOS 6, will be making it, in full to the latest versions of the iPhone and iPad. As for the rest of the iOS devices, feature converge seems spotty, and for no good reason with creatures such as VIP lists and Shared Photo Stream. Go figure. [Read More]

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