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iMac Updates May Be Coming Sooner Than Expected


Prior to Monday’s MacBook announcements at WWDC, it was expected that Apple would be releasing updates for the entirety of their Mac line. That didn’t happen. Immediately after the announcements some of us were left scratching our head and with a question on our lips. Why weren’t the iMac and Mac Pro lines update?

Later it turned out that Apple did offer a very minor update for the Mac Pro. It is an update so minor Apple isn’t even touting it. The Mac mini seems forgotten at the moment. That leaves us with an un-updated iMac, which seems to be filling in for the languishing Mac Pro as far as professionals are concerned.

MacRumors did some thinking for us, and decided to revisit some leaked  iMac benchmarks that were released around the same time the then-unreleased new MacBook benchmarks made their way onto the internet.

This benchmark referred to the new iMac as “iMac13,2” and it is equipped with a 3.4 GHz Core i7-3770 quad-core processor with 4 GB of 1600 MHz RAM. This sounds reasonable considering what was just released in the MacBook lines. These benchmarks, of course, can be faked, but Primate Labs, the people behind the Geekbench software used to benchmark these machines, believes them to be legitimate.

Throwing more confusion in the mix, was an unusual PR release from Apple that originally stated that iMac and Mac Pro changes would make their way to market in 2013. Apple quickly corrected their statement to exclude the iMac, which suggested that an iMac update could hit before 2013.

It seems reasonable to expect that the new iMacs will be equipped with Intel’s new Ivy Bridge processors. After that, everything we’ve heard seems to be speculation. Some reports claim that Retina displays would be making their way to the line. While another report claimed that the new iMac would include some sort of anti-reflective glass. This makes sense considering the new Retina MacBook Pro produces 75% less glare.

As for my own speculation, I guess Apple decided not to update the Mac mini or iMac at WWDC, because, as a generality, those product lines are aimed at consumers and developers who carry around MacBooks of any stripe. Regardless of the reason, it seems that an iMac update is on it’s way sooner than we originally thought.

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