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Tim Cook & Apple Legal: Panic Attack When They Saw the Surface Video?

The guys over at WinSource have had some fun with the idea of Tim Cook and the Apple legal team’s reaction to seeing the promo video for Microsoft’s soon sometime to be released  Surface Tablet / PC. Cook and the legal team seem more than a little panicked and reel off a list of things they claim to have patented – from a square device to the Windows logo.

Here’s a quick thought: when it comes to comical, excitable CEOs – two words:

Steve. Ballmer.

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  • p

    how desperate microsoft is ,to make this video just to be noticed somehow?

  • Ralph Dimotri

    It’s so funny to see bloggers….who are NOT journalists, say idiotic things.

  • dshearn

    its a funny video , but in reality any current tablet device has carried forward the ideas that the iphone and ipad popularized.

    I used toshiba tablet PCs in the early 2000s they where windows NT or possibly 98 based…. NOTHING about them were touch freindly and i actually perfered to do the paperwork by hand then to use the tablets.

    I have allways wanted a PC in tablet form , but not at the cost of usability