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Report Claims Next-Generation iMac Will Not Have Retina Display


Marco Arment, the man who helped bring you Tumblr, and of Instapaper fame, has posted his thoughts regarding when he believes Apple will roll out new iMac and Mac Pro updates. He (I think correctly) suggests that the 5120×2880 27-inch display, would be Apple’s biggest technical challenge in front of them.

ABC News in May, reported that the next-generation of iMacs would have the ultra-high resolution Retina displays. Plus, Apple’s recent PR announcements suggest that an iMac update is coming sooner rather than later. This all circles back around to Arment, who claims, with information from several sources, that iMac updates are coming this fall, but will not have Retina displays.

According to Arment, some of the biggest challenges facing a Retina display at that size,  are production yield and insufficient system bandwidth. It remains unknown why Apple would wait until the fall to update the iMac, if these issues are the only thing, which won’t be solved anytime soon, holding back the update’s release.

So, we’re getting mixed messages from Apple PR, which is surprising that we’re getting any messages at all, regarding the release of an iMac update. Plus, there are technical issues that will prevent the update from having a Retina display for the time being. If I had to guess, and this is just that, a guess, Retina iMacs won’t make it to market earlier than next year- a profound bit of speculation, I know.

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