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Apple Seeds: Apple Retail Stores are Good for Business, Continuing Fight with Samsung, More

Apple Seeds is iSource’s daily roundup of Apple-related stories for the most diehard of fans, or for the news junkie that has to have all of the day’s news:

Apple’s Grand Central Terminal Store Increases Sales for Other Local Businesses

MTA is claiming that Apple’s Grand Central Terminal Store has increased sales to other local businesses by 7.5%. To me, this falls in line with the recent Orbitz story, wherein more expensive hotel selections are presented to Mac users. There is a certain Midas touch surrounding the Apple brand. [Read More]

Apple Granted Priliminary Injunction Against Samsung Regarding the Sales of Galaxy Tab in US

In a seemingly big move in the ongoing battle between Apple and Samsung regarding intellectual property, Apple has been granted a preliminary injunction against the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in the US. This will be something to watch. [Read More]

Retina MacBook Pro Orders Being Held Up for Some Business Customer

It seems that the Retina MacBook Pro is a hit, as Apple is having to delay shipments of the machine to some Business customers. It seems the biggest choking point os for machines that have been upgraded to 768GB of solid state storage. [Read More]

iPhone Has Been on Sale for Five Years As of Today, Generated $150 Billion in Revenue

Time flies when you’re having fun. The iPhone has been on sale for five years as of today. It has generated $150 Billion in revenue for Apple, and 250 million units have been sold. Amazingly, 100 million of those units have been shipped over the last year, which suggests iPhone sales are accelerating. To further break down the numbers, is this nice infographic submitted to us from Helen Evans of VucherCode.co.uk. Great stuff. [Read More]

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