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The New Nexus 7 Tablet – Would You Like Some Bezel with That Bezel?

Nexus 7 Tablet


Wow. The Verge has got hold of a leaked photo of the new Nexus 7 tablet that Google will apparently be announcing this morning at their I/O event – the one shown above.

As if it wasn’t clear enough already, we’ve just received more evidence that the Nexus 7 is real. The above image of an Asus-branded Nexus 7 tablet is live on the Google Play store right now. A tipster let us know that if you change the URL of this Galaxy Nexus banner on Google Play, it reveals an Asus-branded Nexus 7 tablet, running what we expect will be introduced as Jelly Bean later today. At first glance, this looks like it could be an expanded version of the Ice Cream Sandwich phone layout, as we haven’t seen this dock layout surface on an Android tablet yet. The dock looks identical to the Android 4.0 smartphone layout, although there’s room for six apps instead of four.

If that shot is the real deal, then first impressions-wise I would say Holy Humungous Bezels Batman! It’s a 7 inch tablet with a bezel that looks like it chews up a ton of space. It honestly just looks a bit bizarre to me.

We’ll soon see and know more of course,  but for now color me perplexed at what the thinking is on that bezel size. What do you all think? Do you like to supersize your bezel with your tablet order?

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  • JR

    Way too much bezel.
    I think the next wave of innovation in tablets will be about making them even thinner and the screens closer to the edge. That’s logical to me, given how and when it happened on smartphones.

  • dhearn

    Bezel on a 7inch device is not the end of the world ,this will give it some hold area….

    Tablets are two handed devices….that means your thumb comes in to play to hold it.

    This has almost NOTHING to do with the ipad market…this is google trying to get thier own house in order , the best(selling) android tablet has nothing to do with google and everything to do with a rival company amazon.

    This tablet looks like a win for what it was made for.

    • Aeires

      Totally agree. As a 7″ tablet, it’s going to be used for gaming and video play a lot, which means it will be held in landscape mode so the bezel on the top and bottom makes perfect sense. And I too believe it was made to compete directly with the Kindle Fire, not the iPad. And speaking of, the bezel on the iPad is huge but people never complain about it. Haters gonna hate.

  • Lo

    You basically need a bezel on a tablet to hold it, you can’t wrap your hand around the back like a phone and hold its sides. It’s probably the same as the iPad but looks larger due to its screen size.