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Report Claims iTunes to See Redesign, Emphasize Sharing and iCloud Features


Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is prepping a redesign of the iTunes software to better integrate iCloud services, and new music sharing features.

The overhaul, and coupling of Apple’s iCloud service will reportedly aid in the organization of customer-owned content. It’s also being claimed that Apple will spin off some of iTunes functionality into separate applications. Plus, Apple is asking for more photos and music videos from artists to beef up their selection.

If this comes true, it will be the biggest change to the store since it’s introduction. I also believe that it is time for Apple to peel away some of the clunky extra features of iTunes, into their own apps. Much the same way the company just did by introducing a dedicated Podcast app for iOS.

To my mind, the cleanest cuts to make, would be make the jukebox and the store two separate apps. Then it could be spilt down further to manage iOS apps, music, movies and so on. Apple is simply trying to do too much with one application at this point. I believe this is the case, because it is simplest and easiest to ship one application to Windows customers than it is to make sure they have several different pieces of software. On the Mac side of things, there is simply no excuse however.

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  • Kimba_67

    Splitting iTunes into different apps would be really helpful. Then I wouldn’t have to keep toggling back and forth between the app store and my devices, etc…