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Quick Look: Satechi Premium 4 Port Aluminum USB Hub

The $25 Satechi Premium 4 Port Aluminum USB Hub matches my MacBook Pro perfectly. The aluminum finish feels very similar to my notebook's shell, the hub's white 10″ cable mimics the white MagSafe and iPhone cables, and trading one USB 2.0 port to gain four more seems like a very fair trade to me.

This Satechi Hub is attractive enough to sit right alongside your computer, but I prefer to tuck it away behind my machine. This way, all I see from the front are two white cables: one for AC power, and one that simply disappears behind my 13″ laptop screen. I currently have my iPhone cable, Smartfish Whirl mouse adapter, and USB thumb drive plugged into the Satechi – but that mess of wires and sticks is almost always out of sight and out of mind. The hub's individual ports are also spaced more generously than on the Mac, so fitting two larger USB thumb drives beside one another shouldn't be a problem.

There's really not that much more to say about this USB Hub. It's skinned to look just like an Apple product, it increases the number of USB ports on my MacBook Pro from two to five, and it means that I plug just one USB cable before I'm ready to work, or remove just one USB cable before I'm ready to go. At $25, you could certainly find cheaper Hubs than Satechi's 4 Port Aluminum offering, but you'd be hard pressed to find one that blends in this nicely with your Mac hardware.

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