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Quick Look: Frisbee® Forever 2 – A Positive Spin on iPhone and iPad

Although I never tried the original Frisbee® Forever game, I took quick interest in the universal game, Frisbee® Forever 2, when it was offered at no cost thanks to @FreeAppADay.com. When I saw it featured, I showed my 9-year-old who said, “Frisbee® on an iPhone? How would that work?” Of course we had to find out!

If you’ve played racing games where you either tilt your device or touch arrows on either side of the screen, you’ll feel completely ready to experience Frisbee® Forever 2. All it takes is a quick flick, to get the flying disc to begin spinning and moving forward. Then the remaining skill is about collecting stars as you direct your Frisbee® through rings, on propulsion “tracks”, and around obstacles, to make it to the finish ring.

As you might expect, each level becomes progressively more challenging, and the paths to collecting stars become more obscure. In each round, you get a chance to collect surprise trophies, coins, complete missions, and earn a medal towards completion of the 6 Worlds.

The cartoon graphics are crisp, impressive, and enjoyable.  This great little game has an average 4.5 / 5 stars from over 600 ratings, and is just enough anxiety-causing fun!

Grab it while it’s free on iTunes!

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