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Dropbox Pro Plans Now Offer More Space, Plus a Sweet Gift for Existing Pro Subscribers

Your Dropbox Pro plan now has twice as much space!

The email shown above is one of the first that caught my attention in my Inbox this morning. Just in case you can’t see the screenshot well, it’s from Dropbox, the superb online file sync service, and it’s letting me know that they’ve very kindly just effectively doubled the amount of space I have available with my Pro account.

I went to bed last night with a 50GB account (plus 2GB of bonus space for referrals) and I now have 102GB of storage space on Dropbox. This is a gift that comes alongside Dropbox’s upgrade to their line of Pro plans, announced yesterday:

Today we’re happy to announce that our upgrades are getting a huge upgrade! Dropbox Pro now comes in flavors of 100 and 200 GB, but at the price of the original 50 and 100 GB plans. For those of you who need even more space, a brand new 500 GB plan is also joining the posse! If you’re already a Dropbox Pro subscriber, just take a seat and enjoy the fireworks — your Dropbox will supersize itself automatically tonight.

It’s a heck of a nice gift too – as I think just about all of us who use computers and mobile devices quickly learn that’s never such thing as too much space. Dropbox has a number of solid competitors, with Google Drive recently entering the fray, but I have to say I’ve loved the service from Minute 1 of using it and today’s little gift does nothing to diminish that feeling.

I’m sure we’ve got some Dropbox users here – what do you all think of the service? How much do you use it / rely on it as opposed to iCloud?

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