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iPhone 3GS Now Supports Some iOS 6 Features with Latest Developer Build

Shortly after iOS 6 was introduced at WWDC in June, some crack reporting was done and it was discovered that the iPhone 3GS would support the new version of iOS, but not many of its touted new features. Since Apple released iOS 6 beta 3 to developers earlier this week, it has been discovered that a few of the features in iOS 6, will indeed be making it to the aging device.

First, VIP mailing lists will now work on the iPhone 3GS. This new features allows users to assign “VIP” status to certain email addresses, and with that in place, when an email is received from one of these addresses, a notification is set to the iOS 6 user’s lock screen or notification center.

The other feature in question is Shared Photo streams, which is also being introduced with iOS 6. This feature, as Apple bills it, allows users to “share select photos with a select audience”. Seems simple enough for an older device to handle.

Then again, both of these features, from the outset of their introduction, did not seem out of place on the older iPhone 3GS. Neither of these features push the boundaries of the device’s hardware capabilities- not like, say, the new 3D maps coming in iOS 6. Plus, I though it was odd that no new, big, features were coming to the device, given that Apple still sells the device through AT&T, and by all indications, sells more than a few. It would be an entirely different matter if the iPhone 3GS wasn’t still being sold.

At any rate, it appears that iPhone 3GS owners are at least getting something out of iOS 6. If anything changes, we’ll be the first to let you know.


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