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Apple Recruiting Video Surfaces, Gives Glimpse of Inside Apple

In an uncharacteristic move for Apple, the company has released a recruitment video enticing new talent to come work for the rapidly growing company. There’s nothing odd about a corporate video, but one coming from Apple seems a bit out of place, but a welcome glimpse inside the secretive company.

In the video, we get a look at Apple’s culture, how some of it’s employees do their job, and even how some of their technology is developed. The bit I found most interesting, was the work Apple’s teams put into the Smart Cover introduced with the iPad 2.

As indicated in the video, some team members had to become experts on magnets, how they work, and even had to learn how to create complex computer simulations of magnetic fields, all of which culminates into the Smart Covers we’ve all come to know and love.

The video goes on to show us several areas of the company, including battery technology, and retail, all of which is a refreshing look into a company that is notoriously secret.

Do yourself a favor and take a look at the video. Then let us know what you’re thinking by leaving a comment below!

Video courtesy of Apple, via 9to5Mac’s YouTube page.

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