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Looks Like I Picked the Wrong Week to Start Liking Sparrow

Sparrow Google

Looks like I picked the wrong time to decide I like Sparrow far more than the Mac’s built-in Mail app. I had made a couple abortive efforts in the past to use Sparrow, but over the last few weeks I finally got to know it properly and have switched over to it completely as my everyday mail application on my MacBook Pro.

That’s a story I thought had quite a happy little ending, and one I was planning to post about very soon. And then … as Alex mentioned earlier, Google bought Sparrow. And apparently in this case Google bought Sparrow is synonymous for Google killed Sparrow.

Although there are token promises to continue to support current users, it’s been made clear that there will be no new features for Sparrow and its developers will be working on other things at Google. So forget that upcoming Sparrow app for iPad too. Sparrow is effectively dead in the water.

So I guess I’m on the lookout for other Mac mail app alternatives now – suggestions welcome.

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  • Postbox is really nice. Seems a bit bulky at times, but integrates with Gmail well.

  • Maxwell Appleton

    I am in just about the same boat. I finally ditched Mailplane to give Sparrow my full attention, and I finally had it sorted. I was happy.. things were good.

    Then came the email.

    Sucks.. but I guess I’ll continue to use the version I have installed until I find something better…

    • @TwisterMc Thanks. I thought it looked promising too and I’m trying it out, running it concurrently with Sparrow. It’s not bad so far but it’s also a reminder how much more I like Sparrow.

      @Maxwell – good luck. Let us know if you find an app you really like.

  • Ditto. I will check out some others but was really quite happy finally settling with Sparrow, until the notice.

    I wonder if Google will be bringing a mail app after the stuttering iOS offering????