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Contest: Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio to be Won


Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio to be Won!

Contest Deadline: Friday, July 27th – 10:00 PM US Eastern

Time for another great giveaway on iSource!  If you are in the market for a Bluetooth keyboard for your iPad 2 or new iPad, we’ve got a treat for you.  Today we are running a contest for a Logitech Solar Keyboard Folio typically retailing for $130.  Earlier this week our own Jhrogersii added to his arsenal of iPad Bluetooth keyboards with an extensive review of the Logitech Solar.


 From Logitech

Whether you want to type an email or watch a video, the multiview stand holds your iPad —so you don’t have to—and provides two viewing options for your comfort. In entertainment mode, the conveniently placed media keys let you play, pause and change volume instantly. In typing mode, you’ll enjoy the full keyboard.


How To Win:

*** Just add a comment to this post, making sure to fill out the ‘email address‘ field (don‘t worry, it won’t be displayed and we won‘t use it for any other reason than to contact you if you win) “ and you‘re in with an entry for our random winning drawing on Friday.

That‘s it!  We‘ll draw our winner on Friday (7/27/12) sometime after 10:00 pm US Eastern time.


**Note : Winner must have a shipping address in the US (sorry, no international shipping).  iPad sold separately**



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  • Joe

    Solar keyboard would be quite the scene,my IPad wouldn’t be the same in the spring,standing up straight and tall, hoping not to have a great fall,and typing would no longer be the same old thing.

  • Oliver

    Count me in, I’d love one of these (please!).

  • Natascha

    Yes please – this would make my hubby jealous 🙂

  • Kevin

    Looks like a great addon!

  • Trevor Beck

    You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
    You make my iPad happy when skies are grey…

  • JR


  • Jan van der Hooft

    As a brand new oPad owner, having a case like this would be hugely helpful. One or two dings and I will be a sad customer with out it.

  • Adam Cruz

    This would make my iPad accessory arsonal complete. Please pick me!

  • I would LOVE one of these, it would seriously help me out as I need to get a keyboard and a case for the iPad. This would help financially and environmentally, so count me in iSource!

  • cookie490

    This. is. awesome. WANT

  • Doug

    Isource <3

  • Would love this!

  • Alex

    Nice! Good luck

  • Luke

    That would really make typing this comment out on my iPad a lot easier!

  • Jonathan Simbol

    This would be awesome to have. I already use my iPad for pretty much everything. This would round out the rest of the stuff I need to do elsewhere.

  • Tom Bennett

    I look forward to the drawing.

  • Yunlu

    Like to win

  • BigRhet

    This would be awesome to have.

  • bunyigitar@gmail.com

    Love how the Apple Bluetooth keyboard works with the iPad. This sounds like the perfect solution.

  • Troy Mattison Hicks

    Would love to use this every single day, looks amazing!

  • Stephano Diaz

    This looks great! Would love to use it with my iPad!

  • I have been looking at iPad keyboards for a while… the apple blue tooth keyboard is really nice, but just doesn’t fit my use case. This one looks pretty perfect!

  • Kathy

    The solar function makes this the best keyboard case I’ve seen yet. I would love this.

  • Will Kiesewetter

    I would love to have one of these!

  • Robert G.

    I hope I win!

  • lloyd

    Very interesting, I’d love to win if only to try the first row buttons in movie position myself.

  • RhettWhite

    Hope to win

  • Oliver

    This would look good with my new iPad 3

  • Jake

    Sweet! That’d be cool to have!

  • JJ


  • Steven Wilkinson

    Nice. Thank you.

  • amy marantino

    this looks really neat

  • Mike

    As teachers, my wife and I could really use one of these to help make our Keynotes and Pages documents!

  • Angela

    I would love, love, LOVE to win this!!!

  • Drew Jenkins

    I need to stay as green as possible, this keyboard makes me greener.

  • Barry Tibbetts

    Looks like a complete unit. Nice profile. Barry

  • Looks nice 🙂

  • Jen S.

    I love my Ipad, I use it everyday (both summer and during school year) with my students and everything I do while I am teaching. The best thing would be is to have a case like this one to make it easier to use more in the classroom.

  • Todd Dove

    Love the case

  • Mirko

    Fingers crossed

  • william sands

    this is a cool thing

  • Josh Wein

    Ooh I need one of these for my iPad!

  • Eli Wein

    That keyboard look’s awesome

  • Susan Moore

    I <3 isource contests!!!

  • Mystina Joyner

    I have one keyboard but this one sure does beat it. Would love to win this!!!

  • Hector Santiago

    I would love to be a guinea pig for this keyboard

  • Giovanni Mazza

    I can give it a try.

    • Renkman

      Winner was selected on July 27.