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My iPhone and iPad Are Back to Stock Firmwares Once Again

I'm now back to stock iOS 5.1.1 on both my iPhone and iPad. Using Absinthe to jailbreak was very easy, but I don't think I'll be missing anything from the jailbroken side of the fence. I liked having AppSliders and Zephyr on my iPhone, but none of the other tweaks I installed were good or stable enough to stay on my device for more than a day. As for my iPad: well, it sat there with Cydia installed, but little else. So I restored both devices last night because I simply didn't need anything that the jailbreaking world is currently offering, but also because I encountered a few strange bugs along the way. There was the occasional Springboard crash and some weirder stuff, like Safari and Cydia simply refusing to load unless I soft reset my device.

Not all jailbreak experiences will be like mine, but I don't want the extra headache of having to troubleshoot these things any more…especially not when the stock firmware does 90% of what I want.


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  • Aaron

    How did you restore your devices? I have tried several things and nothing is working

  • Bogy

    I agree! Jailbreaking you device will only cause issues such as slow performance, lockups and crashes I was rebooting my iPhone several times a day. The apps in the Cydia store are generally more expensive than the app store and are total junk! I’ve paid for and downloaded about 18 apps from Cydia and not a one is still on my iPhone4! Half-ass programed apps, that’s what you get from Cydia. If I wanted to continue to reboot my phone 3+ times a day I’d buy an Android device!

  • neo M

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