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Yet More Reports Emerge Regarding the Next-Generation iPhone and Dock Connector

Apple-iPod-Dock-USB-2.0-Data-Cable-150x150.jpgJust over the last few days, there have been a slew of new reports regarding the next-generation iPhone. First, Digitimes echoes reports from others, that the next-generation iPhone is already in production in China.

More interesting than production timelines though, is a report from Reuters which seemingly confirms that the new iPhone will have a smaller dock connector. As reported before, this new connector will be shrunk from the traditional 30-pin to a new 19-pin size. The report also notes, as we’ve seen in purported prototype case leaks, that the headphone jack will be relocated to the bottom of the device, near the dock connector.

Further reporting on the new, smaller dock connector, are the people who originally made the claim- iMore. They are now claiming that Apple will be offering a 30-pin adaptor, offering backwards compatibility with older peripherals that rely on the 30-pin connection.

This wouldn’t be unprecedented considering Apple just morphed the MagSafe connector into a slimmer profile (MagSafe 2 on new Airs and Pros), while offering an adaptor for older MagSafe connectors. Apple could easily throw in an dock connector adaptor, and sell extras in their store if you so happen to need more.

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