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iSource Picks of the Week


Welcome to our weekly installment of Picks of the Week at iSource where we provide our expanded coverage of Apple accessories and applications. Here we will promote our favorite iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and Apple TV related items, as well as bring you occasional tips and tricks. Hopefully many of our favorite items will also be of interest to you. Please feel free to comment on our selections, and suggest picks of your own. Check out this week’s picks after the break.


London Olympic and Paralympics Results universal iOS app  [ v 1.1 ]

Picked by: AliciaB



My Pick this week is the London Olympics and Paralympics Results universal iOS app. Starting tomorrow this year’s sporting superevent will be no doubt the first true Olympic Games for many millions of us in the Mobile Era, and we busy people are used to having instant access to info, results and content via our smart devices, as well as to posting our comments and reflections on facebook, twitter, google+,instagram, tumblr et al. This kind of app should ensure that we can keep abreast of the action. I’m excited already!

There are actually 3 apps from the official organizers: a Join Now app which caters to the un/lucky ones who are in London and need guidance on how to spend their time wisely while in town. Then there’s a Game app which was recently posted on iSource. The Results app promises to keep users up to date on all important info and stats. The structure is pretty straightforward, featuring “Schedule”, “Sports”, “Medals”, “Athletes” and a personalized “My Games” section. There’s lots to discover under the hood of these headings but one feature I particularly like is the chance to set favourite events and even reminders so I don’t need to worry about missing any of the action. The app is nimble and easy to navigate. I definitely recommend checking it out for your Olympics results’ needs.

Free [ iTunes ]




Dead Trigger  [ v 1.0.1 ]

Picked by: Alex Jordan




My pick this week is a new game called Dead Trigger. It’s set in a stereotypical, post-apocalyptic society overrun by zombies. Where the game shines however, is in its visuals and gameplay on iOS devices. Levels do seems tight and limited, but when you factor in how good the game looks, you realize that these portable devices are approaching console-level visual quality. The controls aren’t the best I’ve seem in a first person shooter on iOS, but then again the best controls come with a keyboard and mouse.

So, once you get past the flimsy storyline and and limited levels, you realize you’re having a really good time playing the game. There are some weapons in the game, that as far as I can tell, are restricted to in-app purchases, and I don’t care for that business model. But overall, the game is fun, and only costs a buck in the App Store.

$0.99  [ iTunes ]




CheatSheet  [ v 1.0.3 ]

Picked by: Jay



This week – and now especially after the release of Mountain Lion – I recommend the free Mac app, CheatSheet. Despite the invention of the mouse by Apple decades ago, many computer users rely on keyboard shortcuts to perform specific acts. For example, ever since Windows 3.11, I’ve used the Alt+Tab, Tab, Tab… combination to shuffle through open windows and programs to quickly get to the one I needed. Fortunately for me, that Cmd+Tab combination also help true when I returned to the world of the Macintosh.

Keyboard shortcuts are the hidden beauty of muscle-memory integrating with technology: Alt+F4 always meant close all windows and exit a Windows program, much like Cmd+Q on a Mac. And there are many more that are part of our routine (Cmd+S, Alt+~, Cmd+N, and Opt+Cmd+Esc anyone?). These little shortcuts are often nestled adjacent to a trackpad counterpart in the menu of a every program to provide the hint of what a user can do at the keyboard. And, surprisingly, you have to use a mousepad, trackpad, or mouse to see them.

CheatSheet provides all the information on keyboard shortcuts without lifting a finger … and I mean literally, without literally moving your hands from the keyboard. After installing this background-running, just hold the Command (Cmd) key down for 2 seconds, and a CheatSheet overlays your current screen to display all the keyboard shortcuts within the running application. Let go of the Cmd key, and the CheatSheet disappears. Click on the Settings icon on the bottom corner to change any timing it takes for the pop-up, quit it, or (oddly enough) even print all the shortcuts.

I anticipate CheatSheet (http://cheatsheetapp.com/CheatSheet/) will work with the new Mountain Lion OS since it requires a minimum of OSX 10.7, and if Apple takes any notice, they’ll integrate this idea into any future OS.

Free  [ App Store ]




Reminders  [ v 1.2.43 ]

Picked by: Thomas



My pick this week is the Reminders app, which comes pre-installed on iOS 5 and OS X Mountain Lion. Reminders is still pretty basic when it comes to task management features, but it’s great for quick lists of things you’d like to get done. You can set due dates, alert times, geo-fenced alerts, and even add notes to tasks (although these will only show up on OS X, sadly).

However, the killer reason for using Reminders app – and this is really why I’m trying to use it over apps like 2Do and Things – is that it can sync in the background. I can’t stress enough how important this is for an app that’s supposed to alert you of things you may have forgotten to do. I’ve heard that iOS 6 should bring with it a few APIs for third-party developers to tap right into Reminders (and these apps will probably function similary to many App Store calendar apps), but for now I’m trying my best to become accustomed to Apple’s own app. Background sync across all of my devices just seems too good to pass up.

Free  [ Link ]




Walking Dead: The Game  [ v 1.0 ]

Picked by: PatrickJ



This one was just released yesterday as a universal app for iPad and iPhone. The game is made up of episodes that go for $4.99 each and the initial release includes just the first episode – ‘The Walking Dead – A New Day’.

It’s not a shoot ’em up or chop ’em up style game – but rather an adventure game where you’re faced with a series of choices as you try to keep yourself alive in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse. I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead TV show – so I was very keen to take a look at this one. I only just started playing it last night, but so far I think it’s good fun and quite challenging, at least for a  novice gamer type like me. There are times when you have to make choices very quickly when things are getting dicy – and I’ve already died a couple times due to making poor decisions.

I’m not sure yet whether I like the game enough to want to get all the future episodes, but I think if you’re a big Walking Dead fan you’re going to want to take a look at this first one at the very least.

**** Compatible with iPad 2 and up, and iPhone 4 and up

$4.99  [ iTunes ]  iPhone

$4.99 for each new episode or as an in-app purchase bundle for $14.99.



There you have it! Hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of Picks of the week. Please let us know what you think, and share with us some of your favorites in the comments section below.



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