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Evernote 4.3 Adds Tap To Edit

Evernote 4.3 for iPhone and iPad was released on the App Store and it brings with it one of the most significant little features to ever have hit Evernote: tap to edit. Up until this most recent version, Evernote notes have always been a little bit more of a pain to edit than notes in any other app. Evernote used to make a major distinction between viewing and editing – so much so that there was actually an “edit” button in the bottom toolbar – but that is no longer the case. You can now just tap in the body area of a note and the keyboard will pop right up, with the cursor appearing roughly around where you tapped.

It's very easy to complain as a user about how Evernote should have had this basic functionality down in the first place – but Evernote does so much more than other note apps by also storing images, PDFs, voice clips (and files for Premium users). So this slip-up was easy to look past – and very easy to forgive now that it has been properly addressed.

I still don't feel that I can trust Evernote as a primary writing app because I've had too many instances where my text formatting has been ruined; but as a long-term storage spot for little notes and images, nothing beats Evernote.


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