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New Report Claims New Apple Set-Top Box to Blur The Line Between Live and On-Demand TV Programs

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Just the other day a report claimed that Apple is working on a television set-top box that piggyback on a customer’s existing cable subscription. Well, a new report from the Wall Street Journal adds more details on the matter.

Specifically, this new report claims that Apple intends to make it possible for viewers to watch any show at any time with a cloud-based DVR-like backend that could store television content online. The service would also allow customers to begin streaming a program just minutes after it began airing live.

The report goes on to note that Apple has been in discussions with big-name cable providers such as Time Warner Cable, and Comcast, while also talking with content companies. It is also noted in the report that existing deals between cable operators and content companies may not allow for Apple involvement unless permission is granted from content owners.

Just yesterday, I conveyed my skepticism of such a device, and wondered why anyone would want a Tivo-like device from Apple, when many customers already have a DVR of some form or fashion hooked up to their TV. Well, if this report turns out to be true, and the DVR-like features are handled in the cloud, this device could be a game changer, and something consumers, myself included, would be interested in.

If Apple were to make a device like this, which relies heavily on cloud storage, it further reinforces why Apple would need to build another 500,000 square-foot data center. This will be an interesting rumor to watch develop.

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