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Rant: Facebook app on iPhone

Oh Facebook. What has been happening since your initial public offering? I hear you’ve had some ups and downs (though mostly downs). Despite it all, you haven’t lost much luster in our social-networking lifestyle, my circle of friends (oops!), and I have jokingly mentioned the need for a Facebooky in our house to limit the attention to my spouse’s iPhone!

Despite the integration of multiple FB apps, as well as using my FB login as an easy-to-remember-login of external services, I feel we need to have a parental-style discussion, a reality check, and a stern reprimand for what should be your easiest mobile portal.

Your temperamental app is making me insanely irate. Here are just a few of the ongoing problems I have:

  • The notifications are consistently inaccurate – such as stating I have unread messages when I don’t;
  • The badges on the icon itself are rarely right – it says I have 3 notifications and when I open the app, there’s 8;
  • Sometimes the ability to “Like” a comment is unavailable;
  • Looking at a list of friends who have “Liked” a post of mine isn’t always possible;
  • The News feed doesn’t stay set as I want – “Most Recent” reverts to “Top Stories”
  • And then there’s the ongoing d~e~l~a~y when loading

And apparently I am not alone: the current version of your app is now at 2 stars.

Look, I know you’ve got a lot on your plate – what with trying to fine tune the ads you’re directing toward me and all – but if you want me really to use your service to post my thoughts, pictures, and Check-Ins to share with my friends, then you’d better damn well create an app that lets me do it.

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  • JR

    I refuse to use the FB app. They change their TOS/Privacy Policy too frequently. Until Apple forces them to firm-up their consent to access contacts, etc., it won’t happen.

    • Jay

      Good point, thanks.

      Others decide to use FB through a mobile browser, which I think flies in the face of having a dedicated app: what’s the point of having one then?

      • JR

        Exactly right! I use FB through the mobile browser, and on occasion FB reminds me I’m not using the app and tries to get me to switch to it.

  • Jay

    To add to my agony, I took a video of my son that I wanted to post, and the damn app didn’t show it in my photo album! I closed the app, opened the Photo app, and it was there. Despite multiple attempts, the video wasn’t available.

    So I emailed it to my wife – who saved it and posted it from her iPhone without a problem.


  • Nonya Business

    what happened to the faster update to the facebook app that was supposed to come out in july?

    • Jay

      Good question!

  • Gesjogren@yahoo.com

    IOS6 will have Facebook integration . Hopefully it will be better

    • Jay

      At this point, anything would be an improvement.

  • Leave facebook now before it’s too late. It’s like digital heroin and all of you are hooked. Using your facebook ‘login’ (Cookie!) to log in to other services could be the end of the internet as we know it.

    You are all being tracked, data mined, exploited, and continually having all of your private information sold to the highest bidder. The lower facebook’s stock goes the more desperate they will get to profit from you.

    Nothing is free, and to see your friends baby pictures and useless status updates, consider what it is you are paying with.

    you have been warned — ezraz

    • Jay

      I highly doubt the end of the internet world will be through the use of Facebook – it’s more likely Google. 🙂

      Most reasonable users know that with free services come sacrifices – such as relinquishing to advertisements (television has been doing it since its inception) – as well as a voluntary loss of some freedoms. At this point, it’s a sacrifice FB users are willing to make. If it goes beyond what’s deemed “reasonable” then they’ll lose a whole lot of their consumers.

  • Axello

    My biggest irritation with the facebook app, apart from the fact that it crashes, is that it is impossible to SHARE anything, or reshare friends news items. Which, IMHO, is a bit weird for a company which lives on people sharing stuff.

    • Jay

      Well said!