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Apple and Samsung CEOs Meet In Final Attempt to Settle Patent Dispute Before Jury Deliberates


In their ongoing patent dispute, Apple and Samsung CEOs Tim Cook and Kwon Oh Hyun have reportedly sat down to discuss the issue one final time, in an effort to reach an agreement. This meeting is taking place before the jury deliberates on the matter, which could begin as early as tomorrow.

This is not a new thing. The upper management of each company has met before in an attempt to iron out a deal. That said, Kwon is the new CEO of Samsung- taking the position in June. Perhaps a deal could be struck under the new management.

Apple is seeking somewhere in the neighborhood of $2.5 billion in damages based on Samsung devices that, according to Apple, have stolen their designs, and infringed on their patents. Samsung on the other hand is claiming that Apple owes around $400 million in licensing fees in regards to 3G patents and a royalty of 2.4% of every unit sold.

Is anyone else tired of these ongoing battles? I think we should get this stuff out of the way, and get back to technology, innovation, and competition. Let us know how you feel. Leave a comment!

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