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Coming Together: Next-Generation iPhone Components Pair Well Together

Iresq shell dock 1

Yesterday we reported that a series of purported next-generation iPhone components began to surface. Most interesting was a ribbon cable with a redesigned dock connector and headphone jack. The same people who brought us the photo of that part, have now taken the component and placed it in the rear shell of the next-generation iPhone. They discovered that the two parts fit nicely together, with the screw holes even matching up.

Sure, these parts could be faked, but this seems less and less likely given the detail of these parts. So, wagering that these parts are real, we see that the next iPhone will have a smaller dock connector, larger grilles for the microphone and speaker, and a relocated headphone jack.

Just yesterday we saw what the front panel and screen of the new iPhone could look like. Plus, over the past few months a series of parts leaks and mockups based on rumors have given us a pretty good idea of what the new iPhone will look like. Still, we’ll have to wait and see what Apple introduces on September 12th.

Image courtesy of iResQ.

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