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Apple Scrubs Site and YouTube Page of Failed ‘Genius’ Ads

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I had noticed this late last night myself, but it did not sink in until several outlets reported it earlier today- Apple has pulled their poorly received “Genius” ads from their website and YouTube page. As many of you know, the objective of these ads, was to inform potential customers of Apple’s “Genius” retail staff, and that help is offered by these employees for problems encountered by Mac users.

The message seemed muddled though, with many, myself included, finding the ads to portray Mac customers as hopeless and bumbling. Apple stopped airing the ads shortly after they first appeared during the 2012 London Summer Olympic opening ceremonies.

At any rate, Apple is known to take down posted ads after a given length of time, but usually not this fast. For instance, the company’s YouTube page still has ads that originally aired in November of 2010. Still, a move like this, at least to me, is sort of refreshing in the corporate world. Apple realized what they were doing wasn’t working, and was never going to work, so they canned the idea. Most companies I feel, would have continued to hammer a failed ad campaign, only stopping if it was detrimental to their sales.

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