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Speculation Abound! Next-Generation iPhone and New ‘iPad Mini’ to Launch at Separate Events? [UPDATED]

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Since late July it has been reported, and seemingly confirmed, that Apple would be holding a media event on September 12th. From there, many assumed that this is the event Apple would be unveiling both the rumored next-generation iPhone and “iPad Mini”. Well today, two very prominent movers and shakers in the Apple community have cast doubt on this line of thinking.

First, John Gruber of Daring Fireball posted a piece entitled Sharing the Stage, wherein he notes that the iPhone is Apple’s most important product at this time, and that unveiling another product alongside of it, in this case the rumored “iPad Mini”, would take away from the hype surrounding the iPhone’s announcement. He suggests that the media’s attention would be devoted to the new device, and not the upgrade of the iPhone line.

So to solve this predicament, he suggests that Apple will unveil the new iPhone in September at an event dedicated to that product. Then, in October, he suggests that the company will hold it’s traditional music-based event. This second media event will be where the “iPad mini” will be introduced.

The second prominent figure, Jim Dalrymple of The Loop was more subtle when giving his input on the matter. Known for confirming rumors with a single word and great accuracy, after quoting an excerpt from Gruber’s piece, he simply states “Oh that Gruber is a smart fellow”. This seemingly confirms what Gruber had stated.

I don’t have much to add, other than the fact that looking in hindsight this makes sense. The iPad mini probably isn’t as far along in production as the next-generation iPhone, which would explain why fewer parts have leaked from suppliers up to this point. Plus it makes sense that Apple wouldn’t want to muddle the two devices with a single event, especially considering the iPhone is more of a communications device, and the iPad line is more for content creation and consumption. Content is what the fall event that Apple has been putting on for every year for the past decade is all about.

[UPDATE] AllThingsD has chimed in on this matter, and seemingly echoes Dalrymple’s implied confirmation of an October event. No specific date in October is given, only that a media event will be held sometime that month.

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